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10 decorating tips for outdoor living space

2017/05/30 09:06:08

If you have a tiny garden surrounding your living space, there’s gonna be a lot of fun to decorate it in your own way. The following is some tips Viet Products recommend you to create a stylish and aesthetic outdoor space.

1. Decorating wall with vines

Green vines make the empty wall more attractive and turn it into the highlight of the garden. With this simple decoration tip, you can create a luxurious beauty without spending too much.

2. Making your own resting place

It is not necessary to buy expensive furniture for resting place of your garden; all you need to do is to be creative making an unique decorating idea of your own. In the picture is the concrete bench with colorful pillows.

3. Using colorful decorative lights.

Decorative lights are always the perfect choice for your outdoor living space. Your garden will be so spackling and romantic just like somewhere from fairytale world.

4. Decorating using vintage style items

Handmade curtain or sofa having vintage look will give a unique appearance to your garden, terrace, and patio.

5. Turning your garden into a gallery of plants

A small shelve displaying a collection of ornamental plants and flowers will be very suitable to your garden. It is not too expensive if you choose the small cactus and flowers to decorate here.

6. Take advantage of waste stones

Taking advantage of waste stones will save you quite a bit of money for garden decoration. Stacking the stones on top of each other, planting some flowers and eye-catching grasses, you've got yourself a simple, natural and creative stone passage.

7. Creating simple dinning table.

With just some waste tiles and old wood planks, you will have a nice cheap dining table for your outdoor dining.

8. Growing flowers on the wall

Being creative with the cactus pots hanging from the wall will impress any visitors come to your garden.

9. Creating your own relaxation space.

You can completely create your own relaxation space with a simple hammock, or a nice swing to read a book or have a cup of tea in the morning.

10. Decorating with colorful flower pots

Colorful flower pots make the garden more beautiful and attractive.

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